Getting highway maintenance crews on the ground: The One Way fleet

Date: 13/03/2020

If you’ve ever worked with us at One Way as either a hirer or a candidate, you’ll know we like to do things a bit differently. We’re not your normal recruiter and our sole focus isn’t just the financial gain we could get from a placement. We really do aspire to be partners and to do this, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to think outside the box in order to help the people we work with. In fact, one of the latest ideas to come from the team is a fleet of vans for Safety Critical Gangs to help get highway maintenance crews on the ground quickly. Here’s what you need to know about this initiative.

The One Way fleet

Our experts know the challenges facing highways projects across the UK – of which finding the right talent, in the right place, with the right tools is certainly top of the list. There’s a real shortage of safety critical staff at the moment which means that, even if you have the right groundworkers available, work still can’t be delivered.

And with stringent requirements on vehicles being used by highway maintenance crews, there’s often a struggle to get a full team on site in a highway accredited van. But there is a simple solution to this problem that One Way has been delivering: a fully equipped fleet of vans to get Safety Critical Gangs on site.

Essentially, we have a wealth of highly experienced professionals available for roles, but getting a whole crew on site was increasingly becoming a big challenge, so we decided to get them there ourselves. So, we’ve invested in a number of vans that our contractors can use. For every project, we can send a full highway maintenance crew on site, including:

  • Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) Supervisors
  • Plant Operators
  • Experienced Groundworkers

The vans come fully stocked with tools and are highway accredited. So, the team just have to get in the vehicle and go.

Helping staff highway projects

Crucially this activity helps the employers we work with get the right people on site, in the right vehicle and with the right tools. This is particularly important at the moment with the Chancellor revealing a significant investment in highways in his first ever Budget. In what’s being called the ‘pothole’ fund, Rishi Sunak, has committed £500 million a year for local authority highway maintenance, which will of course require more feet on the ground to deliver.

With highway maintenance crews already in relatively short supply – and set to become increasingly scarce in the coming year as international talent supplies are limited – anything that helps get more trained professionals on the road should be welcomed by everyone in the industry. Our fleet of vans has already been utilised for a number of regional highway projects and we’re planning to increase this capacity throughout 2020.

Supporting highway maintenance crews

But it’s not just projects that benefit from this investment. For professional highway maintenance crews, these fleet of vans gives them a greater sense of security as we’re giving them everything they need to do the job, which many aren’t able to do without the support of a main contractor - an option that isn’t always feasible for everyone.

As our own James Vincent – who developed the original idea – explained:

“For individuals, the real benefit is that we’re helping main contractors to self-deliver elements of projects. We’re providing them with the tools they need to not only get on site with a regulated vehicle, but also with the tools required. All they need to do is fill up the tank and get going.”

“There have been some individuals we’ve worked with who had all the skills, but just didn’t have the financial support to invest in the right vehicle or tools. We’ve helped them out of this hole, so everyone wins.”

If you want to find out more about the One Way Safety Critical Gangs and how it can help you with your next role or support you project, contact the team today on 02380 981 600

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